AI, IoT and computer vision

Hjojohan Okategoriserade

Meet the’s new IoT vision detector that have many use cases, combining powerful AI, computer vision, and camera technology creating a really smart IoT device at the edge. The device itself consist of a powerful battery operated single board computer with an attached camera, the device is mounted in a IP67 weatherproof casing, suitable for outdoor usage year around.

  • Traffic counting
  • Peopple counting
  • Automatic registration of licenseplates ALPR
  • Intruder control, replace PIR/FLIR detectors
  • Industrial applications

The device can detect objects based on shape, colour, size, distance and number of objects in a video frame. Report vision detector data in real-time to a webservice and underlying databases for further analysis and eventhandling. The video shows traffic detection/counting captured on a bridge looking down at the E6 motorway north of the town of Malmö Sweden. This particular use case shows how many cars, trucks, busses and MC that are passing per minute and report it to a online server. Want to know more ? give us a call at +46 733 165100