Fever detection system

Hjojohan Okategoriserade

High capacity and realtime screening to find people with fevers.

The system is suitable for human body temperature monitoring in public places of airports, railway stations, subways, hospitals, schools etc. and for rapid temperature screening of fevers.

Infrared thermal imaging temperature detection

The system can measure human body in 3-10 meters with high resolution and autofocus. It has high precision better than 0.2°C and can display the real-time human body temperature.For human body with temperature higher than the setting value, real-time alarm can be given.

 Multi-targets detection

 Real-time human body temperature display

 Sound alarm for fever detection

 Automatic capture and storage

 Rapid measurement

 Non contact measurement

 High-precision, easy installation

 SDK development package for secondary development

Infrared thermal imager for rapid intensive human body temperature monitoring

Infrared thermal imaging human body temperature detection system is used for intensive human body temperature monitoring, suitable for  upscale hotels, enterprises, schools, hospitals and other places with large crowds to monitor body temperature, quickly check fever groups, and prevent epidemic spread. Using the thermal imager and the automatic correction function of the reference black body eliminates the temperature drift factor, so that the system can work accurately and stably for a long time without being affected by environmental temperature changes and other factors. High-precision infrared calibration equipment has a temperature resolution of 0.01 ° C. When used in conjunction with infrared thermal imaging monitoring, it can accurately display the temperature of the human body, which can effectively screen a large number of people for rapid screening of human fever.

Application Features of Infrared Thermal Image Monitor:

1.Wide monitoring area, fast response:

2. Infrared thermal imaging monitors monitor and quickly measure temperature and screen in moving people “high-temperature individuals”; work at long distances:

3.Using non-contact temperature measurement, Detection personnel should stay away from the tested population to avoid cross-contact infection; Abnormal temperature alarm:

4. Fully automatic hotspot tracking and alarm for those with abnormal body temperature to improve detection efficiency.

Application areas: Control and reduce the spread of fever and other epidemics. Large-scale body temperature screening in public places such as airports, ports, stations, schools, hotels and hospitals.