Connect LoRaWAN 2 anything

Hjojohan Okategoriserade

We did quite a bit of software enhancement on the RAK 7248 platform.. IoT can be many things, in the end it’s all about connectivity.. RAK7248
–>BridgeX –> LoRaWAN2Anything..
Connect anytype of LoRaWAN sensors to almost all type of end application and avoid costly hardware and softwares and monthly fees with our BridgeX docker container that runs ontop of the RAK7248 gateway.
The BridgeX docker container have many powerful software packages built in, a LoRaWAN network server (chirpstack) Meaning you can build your own LoRaWAN ecosystem with one or many extra gateways and sensors. The device automatically decodes incoming sensor payloads from well-known sensor manufactures +300 and then forward the decoded data to your choice of endpoint.
That could be a IoT platform, a PLC / SCADA system or any 3rd party software using SQL database, open REST API’s or MQTT protocol. The device also send data straight to Azure/AWS IoT hub. No need to use and pay for bulky server setups or monthly fee. The BridgeX can remotely be upgraded as new version and decoders are added over Github. Buy BridgeX once, pay nothing more.