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Övervaka grundvatten nivåer med vår trådlösa tryckgivare och #LoRaWAN / #Sigfox enhet. Vi kan mäta tryck, temperatur och konduktivitet. Sensor och enhet finns som EX klassad också!

We bring wireless sensors to your SCADA

This week we are Installing a large amount of low power battery operated submersible pressure level sensor sending data to a municipal water treatment plant. The level sensor are spread over a large geographic area monitoring groundwater levels. The sensor payload values are decoded and transferred to the SCADA system. Our lpwan payload management system stores sensor values in a online database and also acting as a modbus and OPC server making it easy to integrate toward existing SCADA and PLC’s. Wireless sensors cut installation cost significant.. The tiny box on the picture below contains battery and electronic that is sufficient for 5 years of autonomous operation.

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Monitor and set alarms for all kind of IoT sensors in our SCADA or use your own.

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