People Counting…made wireless and affordable

Hjojohan Okategoriserade

We recently sold People Counter’s to RISE( Research Institutes of Sweden), they are conducting experiments, counting people in public places, the data is collected wirelessly by a discrete IP67 battery operated ‘people counter’ devices, giving timestamped data regarding number of people passing in direction A or B. The data is sent back server-side using LoRawAN network and the data is then analysed further. There is several interesting usage scenarios for smart wireless People counters in Corona/Covid-19 times, are the pedestrian activity lower than usually ? Have the lock-downs and social distancing any effect, The collected data can help authorities to gauge the success of measures that are being deployed, to monitor changes in pedestrian flows at a macro level, and also to assess how quickly behavioural patterns return to normal when restrictions are lifted. Questions? -Give us a call +46 500 6000 22 or email

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