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SensorData is a battery-powered data communicator that interfaces to a range of sensors, GPS, inputs and outputs, and uploads data via LoRaWAN networks. Great for agriculture and remote sensor monitoring applications.

  • IP67 rated housing
  • SDI-12 interface, common with agricultural sensors
  • I2C Interface,
  • Ultra-long battery life



LoRaWAN Device

The LoRaWAN network allows the SensorData device to communicate over long range and have long battery life. The SensorData supports all global LoRaWAN regions across 866-928MHz:

India 865
Europe 868
ANZ 915
US 915
Korea 920
Asia 923

External Antenna

The external ISM band antenna provides for maximum link budget with the flexibility to install a high-gain antenna if needed. Especially important for long range in rural applications.

Low profile, compact, rugged IP67 rated housing.

Made of sturdy ABS/Polycarbonate plastic the housing is extremely tough and UV resistant to survive bumps and knocks and many years in the sun and weather.

The housing screws together for easy assembly, and caters for a number of cable glands to allow for waterproof cable entry to the housing. The standard external antenna SMA connector is IP65 rated but you can replace it with a IP67 version.

In applications where the housing may be subjected to sudden temperature changes it is recommended that a GoreVent is fitted to assist with pressure equalisation (e.g. irrigation spraying).

Dimensions: 155mm x 130mm x 40mm

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +60°C
For operation in extreme temperatures the device must be fitted with Lithium batteries

Power (4-6V)

The SensorData is ultra-low power and is designed to run off a set of 4 x “C” cell Alkaline batteries for a full season. This includes powering the sensors and SDI-12 probes. The off the shelf batteries are low cost and readily available.

It can also be powered by a USB 5V wall socket if permanently installed in a location with power.


The optional GPS module allows the SensorData to periodically update its location and time. This is very handy to know the exact position of your sensors, and to obtain and accurate time update.

3-D Accelerometer

Used in combination with the GPS to provide low power tracking of the assset.


This interface is commonly used in agricultural sensors and measurement devices such as:

  • Soil moisture probes
  • Temperature
  • Electrical conductivity (EC) of soils
  • Water levels/pressures

I2C Interface

I2C (inter-IC communications) is an interface commonly used in sensor modules. This allows the SensorData to talk to a wide range of sensors including temperature and humidity sensors, as well as numerous others.

Switched Sensor Power (Vbat or 12V)

Used to control the battery power to external sensors and peripherals. Load limited and short circuit protected.
12V capable boost is essential to supply SDI-12 sensors, especially over long cable runs.

Digital Inputs

2 x digital inputs (low-power pulse counting options – speak to DM)

Analogue Inputs

1 x Analogue inputs reading 0V to 30V with auto-ranging
Built-in battery voltage monitoring

3.3V Switched Power

Used to control the 3.3V power to external sensors and peripherals. Load limited and short circuit protected.


Device configuration is done via USB cable for firmware updates and parameters. Future firmware will implement over-the-air (OTA) parameter updates via LoRaWAN downlink messages.

Test Button

Convenient to test installation and wiring is good

Status LED

For convenient visual feedback