Liquid Level / Pressure, Temperature, Electrical Conductivity

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Liquid Level / Pressure, Temperature, Electrical Conductivity


  • Sensor device for single sensor
  • LoRaWAN wireless communications
  • 1 channel analog or digital data acquisition
  • OTAA (Over-the-air activation) supported
  • ADR (adaptive data rate) supported
  • 1.8 – 6V power supply
  • Lifetime of several years with 2 D-type batteries
  • Robust outdoor enclosure

24 bit analog input
Pulse count input
Sensor specific digital interfaces (UART, I2C, RS-485)


A floating piezoresistive sensor element measures pressure in liquids. It is a perfect sensor for a variety of long term water level monitoring applications.

This sensor is a cost-effective solution for applications where precision, low-power, and resistance rating is needed.

Absolute or relative pressure sensor for leveling

High resolutonn IP67 weather resistantn piezo resistve technology

Conductvity sensor
0,2 / 2 / 20 / 200 mS/cm
Accuracy 2,5{edbfe352f301579bb332dff86ced542172b0c80ed0c941f0c02cdd1fe307a783} of the selected measuring range

Pressure sensor
Relatve and absolute ranges:
0…0.3, 0…1, 0…3, 0…10, 0 … 30 bar
Temperature compensated
Accuracy ±0.1{edbfe352f301579bb332dff86ced542172b0c80ed0c941f0c02cdd1fe307a783} of full scale

Temperature sensor
Range: -20 … 80 °C
Accuracy 0n1 °C

10m cable, longer cable on request