Wireless Mbus 169 Mhz Temperature Transmitter – External Contact Probe

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        • 118 x 79 x 43mm
        • External 1.5m contact probe
        • Contact probe working temperature: -30 / +100°C
        • Suitable for harsh environments (IP65)
        • Battery life: 5 years for 5mn transmission period
        • Very long radio range

TX TEMP CONT 800-022

✅ Very long radio range
✅ IP 65 resistant enclosure for outdoor environments
✅ PT100 contact probe for remote measurements from -30°C to + 100°C
✅ Up to 15 years autonomy
✅ Quick and easy to install
✅ Replaceable battery
✅ Compact Design



      • Applications of the Transmitter


        This Enless Wireless IP65 transmitter with external temperature contact probe allows you to measure temperatures (°C data) in a remote manner, on contact with surfaces.
        The robustness of our transmitter – IP 65 housing – and its high environmental tolerance (probe temperature range -30°C / +100°C) allow it to withstand any type of “outdoor” environment, sometimes under extreme conditions.

        This temperature transmitter is suitable for many applications including :

        • Monitoring of temperatures on inlet/outlet fluid circuits of all types and, in particular, continuous observation of sanitary hot water networks for preventing the health risk of legionella. Maintenance and operation of heat pumps.
        • Temperature monitoring in cold rooms, cooling towers, refrigerated outdoor containers (chemical, agri-food industries, etc.)
        • Cold chain management applied to drug storage and temperature control in hospital environments, housing structures for ageing and/or vulnerable populations.
        • Supervision of HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

        High-precision °C data is retrieved using the contact probe and transmitted to the Enless Wireless Modbus receiver connected to a gateway at a pre-configured flexible periodicity. Where high and low temperatures are exceeded, alerts are stored into the Modbus table of the PLC and can be viewed via a specific supervision system.

        This product incorporates high-performance D-type battery and gives the Enless transmitter a very high autonomy of up to 15 years.



        Technical Specifications


        Dimensions L 118 x H 79 x W 43 mm
        Enclosure and IP rating ABS IP 65
        Power supply Replaceable D 3.6 V Lithium battery – Low battery alert
        Battery autonomy / Periodicity 5 years battery life with 5mn periodicity / Configurable periodicity from 1 to 250 min
        Configuration / Installation Radio – Field Configuration Tool (F.C.T. software)
        Type of sensor Contact probe 2 wires PT 100 – cable lenght : 1,5m
        Contact probe working temperature – 30°C / +100°C
        Sensor accuracy +/- 0,5°C
        Sensor resolution 0,01°C
        LEDs 3 LEDs
        Certification CE


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