Sigfox is a communication protocol that is used to read data from sensors through a fixed network of base stations. It works like a low cost “SMS” service. As an end-user, you only need to buy a subscription to connect to the data network operated by SIGFOX. Sigfox uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio technology and operates in the license free bands (ISM). Sigfox has the advantage of covering larger areas than other fixed local systems. 

The AERINOS® wireless sensors platform provides smart end nodes for the SIGFOX Network. The wireless sensor nodes offer reliable communication and outdoor enclosures to satisfy a variety of measurement and monitoring applications. ADS-260 is a battery powered Sigfox end node for low voltage, low power sensors. The unit is available for the 868 to 869 MHz and 902 to 928 MHz bands. It incorporates one input, configurable as analog, or pulse counter input and multiple excitation options for powering measuring transducers. Dedicated digital interfaces support the SDI-12 and MODBUS communication protocols. A D-size Lithium Thionyl battery can provide autonomous operation for over 10 years.

SDI-12 Serial Bus
SDI-12 is an asynchronous, ASCII, serial communications protocol that was developed for intelligent sensory instruments that typically monitor environmental data. The communication is achieved by digital communications. The addressing system allows data recorder to communicate with several microprocessor-based sensors over a single line. ADS-260 is compliant to the SDI-12 Standard Version 1.2 and supports extended commands for sensor configuration, in terminal mode. ADS-260 can collect data from several SDI-12 sensors for a total amount of 8 measurement channels.

ADS-260 supports acquisition from sensors with RS-485 interface, using the popular MODBUS protocol (RTU & ASCII). Up to 8 measurement channels from several sensors are supported.

Transducer excitation
The unit provides multiple excitation options for measuring transducers.


  • Agricultural Monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Water/wastewater
  • Oil & Gas
  • Security systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring