Lev’0 liquid pressure/depth sensor

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Liquid Level / Pressure

The LEV’O SENSOR measures the filling level of tanks, cisterns and cavities when the geometry is known. It transmits the absolute pressure of a liquid (water, fuel, oil, fertilizer, etc.) whether it is in a buried or aboveground tank as well as in a mobile tank truck. The Lev’O Sensor reports the data used to evaluate the level of filling on a public or private LoRaWANTM radio network.


The LEV’O SENSOR includes a level/depth probe set up in the container to be measured. The probe is connected to an analog case Sensor: frequently, after the start-up and stabilization, the sensor carries out the measure then puts the probe in standby. The Sensor periodically transmits the absolute pressure detected from a LoRaWANTM public or private communication network. The remote application can calculate the filling level from the atmospheric pressure within the tank (value available on the Web), an abacus associated with the geometry of the container and the density of the liquid. In a fleet of tanks, the LEV’O SENSOR rationalizes the supply flow and optimizes the filling frequencies. Associated with the LEV’O SENSOR, the remote application becomes a predictive analysis tool which guarantees a higher quality of service by avoiding a breakdown in supplying. Very good sensor for measuring waterlevel in the ground. The level sensing pressure transmitter Type 712 is manufactured using a relative and absolute pressure measuring cell with an adjusted and amplified sensor signal and is available with various cable lengths from 2 to 30 meters. The Type 712 offers EX protection as well as versions with integrated temperature measurement. Transmits the absolute pressure of a liquid (water, fuel, oil, fertilizer, etc.)

In addition to voltage and current outputs the Type 712 is available with ratiometric outputs.

The regular monitoring of levels also makes it possible to offer an intermediate billing thanks to a regular record of the consumption. Installing and commissioning is fast and easy. The Lev’O Sensor is equipped with:
-A level probe to be place in the tank and to be maintained above the bottom in order to avoid any residue. The probe is deported on a waterproof cable which allows to place the sensor in an area without any AtEx requirements and with the best network coverage
-A NFC identification tag (product number, serial number, production batch)
-A magnetic switch and a buzzer that allow the installer to easily enable / disable the Sensor. The sensor is powered by a 3.6Volt lithium battery. The calculated autonomy is more than 12 years for a configuration performing one measure a day and one radiofrequency transmission a day.